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Year: <span>2022</span>

From Darkness to Light: AKUMU Julia is Now a Happy Farmer.

2021 has been the best year of my farming life… I could not believe it at first and I thought the selling price would be low, but at the turn of the year, our group chairperson called us to bulk our sesame produce together because there was a buyer willing to pay 4,000/- for every kilogram.

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OCITTI JOHN: From a School Dropout, to an Adventurous Business Farmer.

During the first planting season of 2021, Ocitti was able to plant two acres of soybean. And continued to apply all the necessary CSA practices on his garden. In the end, he harvested 956kgs of soybean grains. This brought Ocitti’s farming goal closer to being achieved. The selling price of soybean was at its highest, at UGX. 3,000/- per Kg

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