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The NURI programme geographical coverage for beneficiary districts is in the three sub-regions from the programme perspective; Arua, Madi-Okollo, Tegero, Zombo, Nebbi and Pakwach districts in West Nile South; Koboko, Moyo, Obongi and Adjumani districts in West Nile North and Acholi region where Agago, Lamwo and Kitgum are covered.

Additionally, the programme is in the 11 settlements of Rhino Camp and Imvepi in Terego and Madi-Okollo districts; Palorinya in Obongi district; Maji I & III, Maji II, Mungula I & II, Ayilo I, Ayilo II, Olua II and Elema in Adjumani, and Palabek in Lamwo district. NURI targets both national farmer groups and refugees in the districts of implementation.