NURI - Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative

NURI tenders

Bid submission

How to contact us for bid submission and queries:

IMPORTANT: No fee of any kind or in any form should be paid for submission of proposals, bids, quotations etc.




In the e-mail subject, be sure to write the reference as indicated in the publication.


Bids can until further NOT be delivered by post or hand.

NURI's TIN is 1001132188


Standing Lists

IMPORTANT: No fee of any kind or in any form should be paid for inclusion in our standing list

At least once a year the NURI Coordination Function publishes an open call for inclusion in standing lists. Any interested supplier can submit the required information.


Criteria for successful inclusion is limited to objectively documentable and relevant conditions like presentation of tax registration, licenses and authorisations.


The different standing lists, one for each category of goods, services and consultancy services, remain open for inclusion of prospective suppliers as and when interest in inclusion is expressed.


A supplier can be taken off the list by informing us (procurement@nuri.ag). A supplier can also be taken off the list if on three consecutive occasions NURI’s requests for quotations have remained unanswered.


When procuring using the standing list, NURI will send a written request for quotation/proposals. The request must as a minimum specify quantity, quality, delivery destination, procurement, procedure and selection and evaluation criteria. Information must also include where, when and what to submit.


The requests are e-mailed to, if possible, 5 – 10 suppliers on the standing list, giving a submission deadline of at least 3 working days.


Quotations and other relevant documentation must be submitted to procurement@nuri.ag.


Quotations and other relevant documentation can alternatively be submitted in paper form to NURI CF, Kampala or to the physical address(es) indicated in the request for quotation/proposal.

NURI never requests fee, payment, deposit, compensation etc. for inclusion in standing lists or for submission of bids, quotations, proposals etc.

The standing lists are found in the following links. The lists are under constant update, but if you cannot find yourself on the list, feel free to write us a reminder:

$ 00.00

NURI Coordination Function

Umoja House 2nd Floor, Plot 20 Nakasero Road,
P.O.Box 29851, Kampala

TIN 1001132188